Elijah Mikaelson. Once a man of morals disguised as such an ungodly creature. Perhaps you've heard of me?


I can’t speak for the scotch, but I am quite remarkable.


The scotch is at the very least.


Have I introduced myself by any chance? Regardless, I’m Elijah Mikaelson. Pleased to meet you, Miss —

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I already have Matt on decorating duty. So what I need is for you to work on the flyers. And I also need for you to yell at the idiots that try to bring the paint backs. Pastels and only the pastels. You got it?


Absolutely. Just so I’m aware, what event are you preparing for?

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Hello big brother! Is now really the time to judge others?


Don’t think of it as judging; simply observing. What brings you here, brother?

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Best of TVD - sassy Elijah (2x15)

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Anonymous SAID:
from a troll: you're an awesome elijah already

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TVD characters + MBTI
• Elijah Mikaelson → INTJ “The Scientist”
"Loner, interested in intellectual pursuits, private, responsible, orderly, clean, organized, rarely shows anger, punctual, tremendously insightful, generally extremely intelligent and capable.”

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Can I trust that you wont kidnap me?

I promise you, Caroline. Now what needs to be done?

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Well, I say drink up - it’s people like you and people like them that keep the cash flowing during my earlier shifts.


And how could I deny that? The scotch and company are just remarkable.

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I just think that something so ridiculous like time restraints on when a person can drink should be a thing of the past. My words were not a judgement, trust me. Or don’t, your choice really.


My name is Teal Ray and before you ask, yes, it is Teal as in the color.

I see what you mean, but of course there’s a time and place for everything. Although it’s simply human nature to desire what most say we cannot have. I made my own assumptions, my apologies.

Elijah Mikaelson - it’s a pleasure.

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No pardon needed.


Allison Argent, it’s nice to meet you.

It’s a pleasure, Allison.

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